Italy is the world's leading producer of wine in terms of quantity.
Tuscany is Italy's specialist for the production of red wines (over 85% of the wines produced are red), yet its production although extremely varied remains limited (Tuscany produces just 5% of all Italian wine).
Tuscany, with its ever-changing, rich, uncontaminated and sparsely populated landscape produces high quality wines - and besides for a fraction of the cost of their more popular french cousins.
In this context the Maremma, although not yet having matched the fame of world-famous areas such as Montalcino and Bolgheri, produces a considerable variety of quality wines, some of which have recently begun to be internationally known.


The Montecucco wine area is the very same area in which the Villa Il Passo degli Ulivi is located, bounded to the north by the Merse river, to the east by the Orcia river, to the south by Mount Amiata and ending to the west at about the latitude of Roselle.
An extremely variable area whose fame has been growing exponentially since around 2010 and which is absolutely worth exploring.
Despite some large producers are also present, my advice is to go and visit the small local winemakers. For example the following wineries are located in the municipality of Cingiano and can be reached from the Villa il Passo degli Ulivi just within 25 minutes by car: Vegni e Medaglini, Prato al Pozzo.


The Monteregio wine area is the territory around the town of Massa Marittima. It starts from Roccastrada to the east, reaches the sea to the west, Castiglion della Pescaia borders it to the south and Monterotondo to the north.
Although still growing in popularity, this area is already mature in comparison to neighbouring Montecucco.

Morellino di Scansano

The Morellino wine area is the territory around the town of Scansano, bordered to the north by the Ombrone river, to the east by Semproniano, to the west by the Maremma Natural Park and to the south by the town of Manciano.
A wine-growing region that is already mature and well known to wine lovers.

Maremma Toscana

For those areas who do not fall into any of the above areas, the Maremma Toscana wines denomination was eventually created in 2014: the youngest denomination in Maremma, whose protected area spans the entire Maremma region. Wines with the designation "Maremma Toscana" are on average less expensive but no less good. Go and explore, especially the realities of the small, young producers. You will be surprised.

And if you do care for personally discovering the best wineries in the Maremma region, here is a list of over 120 wineries in Maremma.

Extra-virgin olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil, an excellent product of the Tuscan countryside and inseparable travelling companion of its big brother wine.
See the page dedicated to our extra-virgin monovarietal live oil to find out more.