The tradition of thermal waters in southern Tuscany has ancient origins.
First the Etruscans and then the Romans understood and exploited the therapeutic properties of the area's underground waters. The very Amiata mountain, an ancient volcano today inactive, has long been a popular destination for its thermal springs.
There are many possibilities for those looking for a moment of relaxation and well-being in the surroundings of the Villa Il Passo degli Ulivi.

Petriolo Thermal baths

Just a 15-minute drive away, this spa offers both open-air pools and equipped facilities. The open-air pools are the main attraction of the site.

Bagno Vignoni Thermal baths

A 1-hour drive away from Il Passo degli Ulivi, this enchanting spa site on the north side of Mount Amiata offers mainly well-equipped facilities, some of which are luxury class. Recommended.

San Filippo Thermal baths

A 1-hour drive away from Il Passo degli Ulivi, this thermal site on the eastern side of Mount Amiata offers both free pools and equipped facilities.

Saturnia Thermal baths

A 1h 20min drive away, this thermal site located in the Tuff area represents the best the Maremma has to offer.In addition to the open-air pools, there is an outstanding, well-equipped (and expensive) thermal centre.

And for those who wish to make a day trip out of the Maremma region, in the province of Siena, just one hour's drive from the Villa il Passo degli Ulivi there are two further thermal centres.
In Rapolano Terme you will find a large thermal centre "Terme Antica Querciolaia" as well as a smaller but more characteristic one "Terme di San Giovanni".